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The Fabulous Year of Change

"Sakura" in Japanese, no?

One could say I've changed... I'd like to say I've blossomed. Laugh if you must.

It’s been a while.

No, that’s an understatement. It’s been year. And a day. (OK, not quite… but you catch my drift.)

I’m getting ready to graduate the program I was so eager to begin. I completed my first triathlon. I’ve practically overhauled my entire philosophy on fitness, food, and wellness. From what I hear, I’m one of few nursing students that walk away from the experience healthier.
In that same vein, I had to come to grips with a devastating eating disorder and confess it to my parents. (Who knows if they even take me seriously?) Had an amazing experience, and discovered great joy, in singing with my church’s worship band; my relationship with God has strengthened and is continually maturing. In fact, today I started discipleship classes with my mother! (THAT should be interesting…)

In this midst of this awakening, I’m finding that I’m much smarter than I give myself credit; I’m more mature than people twice my age; I’ve been blessed with many abilities to understand, adapt, discern, empathize… the list goes on. I couldn’t be more grateful!

If it sounds like I’m being a bit of a braggart, then please forgive my doing so, but that’s exactly what’s going on here. For once, I’m giving myself credit, and perhaps that’s the greatest gift that my education has given me. With graduation fast approaching, I may have a very real chance of being the top graduate in my rotation. Who knows if that will actually happen, as I’m sure there are others in the night class that have done phenomenally well, themselves… BUT even finishing this program is major to me. Who never finishes anything. Ever. (I mean, come on… I couldn’t keep up with a blog!)
To have even the possibility of finishing at or near the top after the rocky start I had in college is truly a testament to what I am capable of. (“…through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13 YES, I went there.)

Do you happen to remember that I’m an elitist?

Well, I must comment on this while I have the forum. You see, in the thousands of dollars and countless hours I spent at UTSA trying to pass a few select courses (others I let fall by the wayside just because I was… dumb), I think I met maybe one professor that I truly appreciated. In probably just about the same amount of time (total), and about as much money, I’ve met at least five instructors that have made a big influence on me. On one campus. At my disposal. And one, I daresay, is a genius… and she has personally told me that she will accept nothing less than medical school from me.

Screw the fact that none of the credits I’ve earned at Kaplan will transfer to mainstream academic. ‘Cause you know what? THAT boost of confidence, THAT letter of recommendation, especially from THAT level of professional… completely priceless. I’m honored, truly. While I won’t name names, those that have learned from her know exactly who I’m talking about. So thank you.

With that, though, I do believe I need to sleep. Pediatrics exam in the AM. Let’s hope I didn’t jinx myself. haha
I’m going to leave you with my latest inspiration obsession. ❤


Satisfaction Through Education


I love the nursing profession... never will I be a doctor to disrespect a nurse!

I’m back in school, y’all!

Now, some may say that my choice of institution of higher education is unacceptable. Believe me, if ever there was an internal elitist, I’d be her. I don’t care where you’ve been or what you’ve done, so long as you’re a decent human being with a sense of purpose, but I, myself, had better be involved in everything high-end, or else I’m nothing… in my mind, obviously.

What I’m finding at Kaplan College is that I’m being allowed to ask questions again! I was never able to do that in a university without being made to feel stupid… unless I was in AFROTC classes, and then, I was just too afraid to ask anything. No, this feels like a community college at a higher level of commitment. Let’s chalk that last part up to the amount of money we’re all spending, though! haha

Tomorrow (today) is our first exam: therapeutic communication and vital signs. Anyone care to tell me that I don’t know my material? Didn’t think so.
HOWEVER, you’d never know it by looking at my study guides! Drove me nuts today! I missed five questions on my first study guide, and then another ten on my second (though, in all fairness, I did not complete the second study guide and only graded what I’d done for informational purposes… will correct it and replace grade, thank goodness!).

Seriously, with the way my grades went south my last semester in university, some two years ago, any kind of nursing degree program needs to see a sharp, but consistent, upward trend in my comprehension and performance. This is not such a good start, wouldn’t you agree??? Furthermore, what will any given medical school think?! I mean, that’s my ultimate goal! Surgeons aren’t just hatched overnight, you know!!!

So, with all this in mind I’ve decided to really give myself a little bit of a break on the first exam. Honestly, there are six exams in this first course alone, so SOMETHING’S got to come along later on in the quarter that will only be benefitted by my stumbling at this early juncture.

The point of this blog-thingie is this:  THIS is what I was missing in my life.


Forget dating, forget friends (though I love you all dearly!), forget money, performance (though I also love that dearly)… MEDICINE and LEARNING are simply what allow me to thrive. Like I tell anyone who meets me, it’s just in my blood. (Don’t take that literally, either.)

Ever since moving back in with my parents in early September, before starting school, I was feeling a certain cloak of dread, that things would never change, and my cross-country moves were all in vain. Despite my efforts to attempt being upbeat, it simply wasn’t happening. I talked to spiritual counselors online, I made a new friend with widely different but respectable perspectives, I prayed all the time, I was reading my Bible looking for answers. Something simply wasn’t in place.


My brain isn’t clouded by emotional stresses of a relationship, no drama, no craziness, but only my thirst for knowledge. I may not be able to sleep right this second, but let’s chalk that up to excitement, shall we??? I still have to push myself to study… often… but it’s absolutely worth it, because I’m learning exactly what I WANT to learn.

*sigh of relief*

Isn’t finding your life’s purpose exhilarating?!

In addition to being in an exciting environment of learning, I’ve joined BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT! What a motivator. And it’s FREE!!!


Complacency and Its Supporters


My blogs (all three of them) thus far have been rather wordy. Not this one!

Lately I’ve noticed the lack of generation of new ideas or original thought in my fellow Americans. Why are we accepting mediocrity for the world we live in?


My problem with this is: if you know something is wrong with any given situation, why are you not the one to stand up and say so? Change it? Tell the one in charge to take a hike, and take over yourself?

I am not the most eloquent speaker or writer, but at least I am starting to voice my ideas and opinions. The more I do, the more I am inclined to continue on my own personal path to greatness, so that I may be able to make an impact in my specific area of interest. Imagine if we all did such a thing; what a different world it would be!

So, instead of re-electing those who are already in a position of authority, overturn them! The (very wealthy) leaders we have in our government have NO IDEA the struggles of the average working citizen… and we are supposed to be a nation governed BY the people, FOR the people. We are not to keep lining the pockets of the wealthy and snobby… we are to create fair and just laws, rules, and regulations so that ALL may flourish, based on the principles set forth by our founding fathers.

Such principles include: respect for others’ ideas, encouragement of free thought, the beauty of being free, and celebrating the unity in being unique.

I would now like to encourage thoughtful, respectful commenting and dialogue. I am very much so looking forward to receiving feedback!