Complacency and Its Supporters


My blogs (all three of them) thus far have been rather wordy. Not this one!

Lately I’ve noticed the lack of generation of new ideas or original thought in my fellow Americans. Why are we accepting mediocrity for the world we live in?


My problem with this is: if you know something is wrong with any given situation, why are you not the one to stand up and say so? Change it? Tell the one in charge to take a hike, and take over yourself?

I am not the most eloquent speaker or writer, but at least I am starting to voice my ideas and opinions. The more I do, the more I am inclined to continue on my own personal path to greatness, so that I may be able to make an impact in my specific area of interest. Imagine if we all did such a thing; what a different world it would be!

So, instead of re-electing those who are already in a position of authority, overturn them! The (very wealthy) leaders we have in our government have NO IDEA the struggles of the average working citizen… and we are supposed to be a nation governed BY the people, FOR the people. We are not to keep lining the pockets of the wealthy and snobby… we are to create fair and just laws, rules, and regulations so that ALL may flourish, based on the principles set forth by our founding fathers.

Such principles include: respect for others’ ideas, encouragement of free thought, the beauty of being free, and celebrating the unity in being unique.

I would now like to encourage thoughtful, respectful commenting and dialogue. I am very much so looking forward to receiving feedback!



  1. Power to the people! But seriously, without radical or even violent illegal protest, what hope does the average man have? The majority of those who win office are the ones who have or collect the money to have their usually fabricated thoughts and beliefs plastered all over television and park benches. The last guy I heard about trying to get his personal message out there was the guy who got shot today for taking hostages at The Discovery Channel building.

    • One would have to wonder what that man’s personal message was…
      Personally, I think there is a right way and a wrong way to address an issue. Violence is not the way to solve anything! But radicalism can take many, many forms, and they don’t always have to be aggressive. In fact, you can be extremely radical in your ideas and beliefs, yet still convey them in a very non-threatening and inviting manner.
      In keeping with that thought, BLOGGING is probably one of those ways that true radicals (not like me, hahaha) are able to express themselves without being verbally or physically assaulted. With technology at the height of its importance to our human existence, you’d think SOMETHING on YouTube, or Twitter, or Facebook would get through to one of those higher-ups EVENTUALLY.

  2. The man’s intent was to get The Discovery Network and it’s subsidiaries to focus more airtime on big climate issues and natural distasers still affecting people all over the world. He picketed constantly. He was even arrested for disorderly conduct for throwing thousands of dollars outside the building he was eventually killed in trying to get the attention your assuming will come from a silent blog. I just can’t see that happening.

    • Honestly, I don’t think anyone will listen to me. I’m a nobody. I do think that if lots of average, everyday people made a true attempt to band together and make a statement, though, someone, somewhere would find it newsworthy. I mean, there are news shows talking about goats on a bridge, for crying-out-loud.

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