Prescriptions, People, and the Poop They Give Their Bodies


I’ve been racking my brains the past few weeks trying to figure out how in the world to word this. My notes are endless, and seemingly nonsensical… so I think I’m just gonna have to wing it. Please bear with me, as this may be rather scattered… this is a huge topic to wing anything on!

Look: the reason why we’re all sick, all the time, is because our bodies’ defenses have been weakened by all of the crap we shove into our bodies, day-in and day-out. Plain and simple.

Medical advances have afforded the worldwide population HUGE wins in the category of Man v. Bacteria. Any arguments? Didn’t think so.
The truth is, sometimes science goes too far, and us laymen in the general population are eager to eat anything that science throws our way. It’s time we all start doing our research.
The human body is a fascinating, perfectly designed organism. It is able to heal itself, efficiently keep itself essentially waste-free, designed for protection from the elements, and is able to adapt according to temperature, etc. You know, within reason. Even Superman had kryptonite, mmk?
When we start introducing synthetic hormones, enzymes, and chemicals to the bloodstream, however, problems arise. For the most part, the waste management program going on within our organs is sufficient to rid the body of excess salt, protein, acid, etc. It’s when we start overloading the system that the efficiency slows. Kind of like what would happen if your boss gave you the work of five people to do, and expected the same results as if you were only doing your own job. Unfair, right?

So, as Americans, we’re taught that pretty much anything can be solved by reaching for the medicine cabinet, and it normally does work for a while! However, unbeknownst to us, our bodies have been staging a coups.
The main organs involved in metabolizing and processing chemicals and foreign substances are the kidneys and liver. Ever heard of liver failure in a lifelong, heavy drinker? That’s something called liver cirrhosis… the liver worked as hard as it could for years and years, then shot up the white flag, clearly wearing its battle wounds.

Yup, battle scars, alright!

In essence, the same goes for lifelong pill-poppers; only that will also involve the kidneys, and the damage to the liver will be far less significant. Also possible: raised blood pressure, elevated heart rate, stomach ulcers, acid reflux, water retention… and when food is involved, things like weight gain, diabetes, arteriosclerosis… need I go on? Our bodies simply are not made to deal with a never-ending flow of preservatives, chemicals, faux-hormones, and the like.

Now please, before there’s any kind of backlash:
I am not a physician (yet). I am not claiming to be a licensed physician, nor am I diagnosing ANYTHING. This is my opinion, speculation, and thought-process.

I want you to think about this, though: The unnerving upswing in the trend of chronic illnesses can be associated with…?
That’s right! The unnerving upswing in the trend of prescription drug use. Hm.

Also: Did you know the United States is the ONLY country that allows pharmaceutical company advertisement?
*hint* This is part of the healthcare cost problem! (More on that when I skewer the FDA in an upcoming post)

One must also consider that the population has grown increasingly more sedentary, eating more packaged, sodium-laden foods, and has every convenience at their fingertips. I’m not excluding myself, either; my phone should probably be surgically attached to my right hand!
The point I am trying to make is, do your research and think a little. Do you honestly need an Advil PM to get to sleep? Is your sniffling truly cause for downing half a bottle of DayQuil? Hot dogs: really?
Try looking into a few homeopathic remedies every so often. It’ll save you money, and teach your body to start fending for itself again. Put down that antimicrobial, antibacterial, makes-your-papercuts-sting hand gel, too! It’s unnecessary to sanitize your hands all the time! Most germs can enter your body, and your body will learn to fight them naturally. If your body is never exposed to germs, you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of short-term illness.
Take note: I did just take some of the heat off of the drug-usage. The FDA need not put me on their Most Wanted list… yet.
Why, did I mention food, too? DUH. Dairy products, meat, eggs, chicken, fish… all laden with antibiotics, growth-hormones, sodium for preservation and color… Lord only knows what else! Eat healthier. It’s not that hard. Fruits, veggies, tofu (won’t kill you)… just be sure to wash them well to remove pesticides and chemical residue. There’s no escaping ALL chemicals. Oh, and drink filtered water! It sure beats liquid corn syrup (soda, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light…). Gross.

*sigh* SO — I doubt that made a whole lot of sense, but that’s the gist.

My philosophies:
Medications should be a last resort, and as short-term as possible.
Have your cake and eat it, too… just not all the time.
Working up a sweat lets you know you’re definitely still breathing!

Got it? 🙂

Oh, and I love this book. For obvious reasons.

Read. It.



  1. Hummm…. Sounds like my blog has hit a nerve or two?

    • You could say that. This is an issue I’ve been very interested in for a little while now… and definitely something I’d like to address in the future as a physician!

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